About me

Currently, a consultant with Capgemini Engineering working in a project with pharmaceutical company in the digital biomarkers sector targeting multiple sclerosis. Previously, worked as a postdoctoral researcher at Biorobotics Laboratory (EPFL, Switzerland) and VVR Group (University of Patras, Greece), translating neuromechanical modeling and simulation best practices in a clinically relevant settings to address mobility-limiting disorders (cerebral palsy, osteoarthritis, ACL injuries, Parkinson's disease). I enjoy contributing to the OpenSim community, the user forum, source code development, and publish open-source models and simulation methods during my free time (SimTK). You can find my work publicly available on GitHub and GitLab. In 2019, I was named an inaugural OpenSim Fellow of the NIH National Center for Simulation in Rehabilitation Research (NCSRR), Stanford University.